18awg OFC Speaker Cable - 50m Roll

18awg OFC Speaker Cable - 50m Roll


18awg OFC Speaker Cable - 50m Roll.

Argent 8017 series OFC speaker cable.

High performance light duty speaker cable.

18awg (1 mm2 cross sectional area).

Sold in 50m rolls on a tough wooden spool.

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18awg OFC Speaker Cable - 50m Roll.

Our range of oxygen free, clear jacketed, cable rope twisted, multi-stranded speaker cable will satisfy the needs of all you audiophiles out there. OFC (Oxygen Free Cable) means that oxygen levels within the copper have been reduced to less than 0.001% which purportedly results in superior electrical properties and hence a better ability to carry audio current from the amplifier to the speaker.

  • High performance light duty speaker cable.
  • 49 strands of Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) on each side.
  • (7x7x0.16mm) x2.
  • 1 mm2 cross sectional area. (17.22awg)
  • Rope twist cable lay for maximum flexibility.
  • Rectangular cross section clear outer jacket allowing the cable to lay better and be dressed more easily.
  • Red stripe indicates polarity and metre markings allow you to easily see how much cable you used.
  • Extra flexible cable, easy to work with.
  • Supplied as a 50m roll.

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