6.5 Inch Argent Stereo Ceiling Speaker - 9 Series

6.5 Inch Argent Stereo Ceiling Speaker - 9 Series

6.5 inch in ceiling stereo speaker. Perfect for small rooms such as bathrooms, toilets, laundries. 2 way infinite baffle ceiling speaker. Dual 20mm titanium tweeters. Black woven kevlar cone woofer with a rubber surround. Low profile magnetic grill. These speakers are sold in singles.
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6.5 Inch Argent Stereo Ceiling Speaker - 9 Series (ACS-906DT)

These 6.5 inch (16.5cm) premium quality speakers offer excellent audio performance at an affordable price.

This speaker features dual titanium tweeters each driven by a seperate crossover.  Typically used in small rooms were stereo sound is required.  This speaker has two sets of binding posts and would be connected to your amplifier as a pair of speakers.

The black woven kelvar cones offer a superior level of rigidity vs other materials and ensure a good mid range response.

Our dome tweeter is constructed from titanium because it is extremely light and less resonant than many other metals used in high end tweeters such as aluminium. These qualities allow it to reproduce high frequencies with extreme accuracy, but without the harsh edge that some audio enthusiasts attribute to aluminum tweeters.

Simple and easy to install, the Argent Ceiling Speakers combine excellent sound quality and seamless integration into your living space.

Argent Ceiling Speakers feature exclusive super-thin magnetic grills that extend only 6mm from their surroundings. These grills feature small perforations and are acoustically inert, for dynamic, unimpeded sound and more uniform coverage, even in larger rooms.

When painted to match your décor, Argent Ceiling Speakers are virtually invisible.

Installation is quick and easy. Use the supplied cutting template. Connect the wires and with a few turns of a screwdriver our rotating arms automatically swing out and clamp the speakers firmly in place.


  • Low profile magnetic grills.
  • 2 way infinite baffle ceiling speaker.
  • Dual proprietary 12dB 2 way crossover design.
  • Black woven kevlar cone woofer with a butyl rubber surround.
  • Dual 20mm titanium dome tweeters.
  • 60 watts RMS. 20 to 100 watts peak.
  • Dual solid twin-pair gold-plated terminals.
  • Spring loaded gold plated binding posts accept wire upto 12awg in size.
  • Cut out hole size 206mm, rear clearance 100mm.
  • Cutout template included.
  • Sold per each.

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