X2 Mini IR Distribution Kit


X2 Mini IR Distribution Kit

Ideal for streamlining your home theater, network, and office wire installations

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X2 Mini IR Distribution Kit

Do you want to control your devices (SKY / Amp / DVD / BLU-RAY/ CD etc) from another room? This IR Kit solves the problem! The X2 IR Distribution Kit can transmit Infrared (remote control " IR") signals from one room to another.

Extends your IR signals up to 300m using cat 5e or cat 6 cables.

Easy to Use

  • Place the Mini IR Receiver in front of where you sit (eg: near your TV)
  • Place the IR emitter(s) over the IR receiver / sensor of your device(s)
  • Plug the IR Receiver and the IR Emitter into the IR Connecting Block
  • Plug the power adaptor into a mains power outlet and into the IR Connecting Block.

Then all you have to do is point your remote control forwards (at the IR Receiver), which will automatically send the signal through to your devices!

SKY Friendly

Sky decoders are notoriously hard to get to work with IR repeaters. This model plays nicely with Sky decoders such MySky and MySky HDI

More than two Devices ?

This kit comes with a dual IR emitter, which allows you to control up to two devices. However, the connecting block included in this kit has two IR output jacks, allowing you to control up to 4 devices (using dual emitters).

Length of Cable

The dual IR emitter (included) and the IR receiver (included) each have 3m of cable. If you need a longer length (for example if your equipment is in another room), you could use a 3.5mm extension cable. We stock these cables in a range of lengths.

Kit Includes

  • 1 x Dual IR Emitter
  • 1 x Mini IR Receiver - with visable LED flash to confirm receipt of IR signal
  • 1 x Mini  IR Connecting Block 
  • 1 x Power Supply 12V DC 200mA 


Features - IR Hub:

  • Two emitter output connections, each can take a dual emitter
  • 3.5mm socket for interfacing with many brands of IR receivers
  • Compact size to place discretely near audio / video equipment
  • Dimensions: 47mm(L) x 25mm(W) x 22mm(H)


Features - Dual Band IR Receiver:

  • CFL friendly - allows installations in areas with compact fluorescent lighting
  • Works in most lighting environments
  • Blue LED for IR confirmation
  • Wide band IR Receiver can receive IR from many types of remotes
  • Self-adhesive tape for quick and easy fixing on any flat surface
  • 3m cable with 3.5mm stereo mini-plug

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