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4G Traffic Sensing Camera

Milesight 4G Solar-powered Traffic Sensing Camera releases you from wires for ANPR solutions. It is designed to capture vehicle details, making it an easy way to integrate with any third-party ANPR platform for community, law enforcement and police use, even in remote and isolated locations.

A Truly Wire-free Camera, Portable to Go Anywhere

Solar Powered

Powered by solar energy, the internal batteries allow for continuous outdoor usage, eliminating the need for any external wiring. The camera comes with out a solar panel, but any 35W or higher panel is suitable.


Thanks to 4G LTE the camera can transmit snapshots quickly without wiring hassles making it flexible and functional even in many remote rural communities.

Quick Deployment

A user friendly configuration page allows for quick and easy configuration from your cell phone or laptop.

GPS Location

The GPS module can accurately provide location information.

Sensitive Radar Detector, Real-time Evidence Catcher

Radar Triggered

Equipped with radar triggered technology, the device can trigger high-precision snapshot based on what radar reflected waves detect, making capture more accurate and ensuring no omissions.

AI Algorithm Refining

The embedded AI algorithm is served as a data filter to reprocess the images including recognizing the type of object, which would highly boost the efficiency of evidence capture and make more storage room for what matters more.

Quick Start Mechanism

The camera is normally in low-operation mode to conserve energy, but automatically awakens once radar detects the objects approaching, which ensures the smooth process of detection, analysis and capture.

Compatible with ANPR Platform

The camera can be connected to any ANPR platform with MQTT protocol to achieve deep-learning functions like license plate recognition, smart search and instant notifications on multiple devices.

This camera does not work with Milesight NVRs like other cameras. It uses the MQTT protocol to communicate with any MQTT capable application.

Innovations in Battery Allow for Continuous Use

Low Consumption Technology

An innovative power-saving technology is adopted to make the camera typically in the low-consumption mode to conserve energy, and just be waken up with the quick start mechanism and capture quickly when a vehicle approaches.

Large Capacity Battery

The built-in large capacity battery can ensure constant use in the absence of direct sunlight. Plus a variety of power supply methods including Type-C to cope with different circumstances.

Unique Structure Design

Reshaping and redefining what a camera can be, Milesight developed the wire-free camera with an innovative appearance that realizes a high-concealment, and still maintain a decent and practical design language.

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