Network Optix (Nx) Deep Integration

Milesight Partners with Network Optix (Nx) for Deep Integration

Milesight has completed the seamless integration of advanced functions such as Milesight VCA Events, Milesight LPR Integration, and Object Tracking with Nx Witness VMS, greatly enhancing the scalability of Milesight products.

Xiamen, China (May 17th, 2023) – Milesight, a global Smart IoT and video surveillance products provider, is delighted to announce the deep integration with Nx Witness VMS regarding the advanced functions including Milesight VCA, Milesight LPR technology and so on.

Milesight has always prioritized technology innovations and collaborations in order to provide our customers with a more useful and powerful integrated solution. This time, we work closely with Network Optix and have completed the seamless integration of advanced functions such as on-edge Milesight VCA Events, Milesight AI LPR technology and object tracking with Nx Witness VMS, greatly enhancing the scalability of Milesight products and making it possible to extend Milesight’s high-performing value to a wider range of applications.

The integration is supported in v5.1 Beta of Nx VMS. For more information about the version, please visit:

Intelligent VCA Works Perfectly with Nx

The intelligent VCA of Milesight whole camera lineup including AI or non-AI camera series is now compatible with Nx Witness VMS. Users can set event rules based on Milesight VCA events of each camera accordingly as needed. And all the triggered alarm notifications of VCA events will be displayed in real time on the liveview interface of Nx Witness to notify security guards, facilitating the more seamless operations for proactive security monitoring.

Milesight AI Road Traffic Radar Camera + Nx

The seamless integration between Milesight Intelligent Traffic Camera and Nx Witness VMS ensures the maximized usability of Milesight’s unique and advanced LPR features. Users now can receive intuitive and accurate recognition results pushed by Milesight intelligent traffic cameras in Nx Witness. Furthermore, it allows searching the target quickly by plate number or various vehicle attributes including vehicle type, vehicle color and etc. Additionally, Milesight AI Road Traffic Radar Camera is also integrated with Nx Witness this time, which means the 24/7 stable speed and driving direction detection solution can be achieved within one integrated system.

Milesight Object Tracking Supported in Nx

Meanwhile, the Object Tracking Frame will be showed in real time to highlight the target objects for efficient monitoring.

“The integration of more amazing functions is still in full swing with Network Optix,” said Elaine Chen, General Sales Director of Milesight, “We completely understand that the more compatibility we achieve, the more our customers will benefit from our easy-to-use system. Milesight will keep exploring the power of technology enhancements while maintaining close ties with third-party platforms. The market will soon see the deeper and more comprehensive Milesight solutions in the near future.”

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